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Pet Product Reviews

Being a parent to a fur baby comes with lots of rewards (cuddle sessions!), but it also means you’ll need things to care for your pet. This means food, treats, tools for cleaning, and things to keep your pet safe when you’re home and when you’re not. To help you save a whole lot of time, we called on actual cat and dog owners to chime in on tests to find the best pet products available.

  • man holding a small dog
    Bringing a New Dog Home: Everything You Need to Know



    Table of contents Supplies Driving Create a space Dog-proofing Eating and drinking Health Microchipping Pet insurance Bonding Visitors Socializing Daily routine Bringing a new pet home…

  • The Best Cat Food

    Orijen - Cat & Kitten

    We analyzed 50 brands of dry cat food and wet cat food and found that Orijen - Cat & Kitten is the best dry food and Kiwi Peak is the best canned cat food.

  • Upright vacuum cleaners
    The Best Upright Vacuum

    Shark - Apex

    We tested five vacuums in three different apartments with pet owners and parents. We found that the Shark - Apex offers the best control and excellent performance on all the surfaces we tried.

  • best treats dog training
    The Best Dog Treats

    Stewart - Pro-Treat

    Our nine dog judges tested nine dog treats, and they selected Stewart - Pro-Treats as the best for training, and Blue Buffalo - Wilderness Trail Treats as the best dog biscuit.

  • The Best Pet Hair Vacuum

    Shark - NV350

    After testing six of the best pet hair vacuums on the market, we found that the Shark - NV will keep your pet-filled home the cleanest.

  • The Best Automatic Litter Box

    Pet Zone - SmartScoop

    After 10 weeks of research and extensive in-home testing with the top five products and our two cats Kit Kat and Jelly Bean, we found the best automatic litter box to be the Pet Zone - SmartScoop.