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Creative teacher receives Princess Maha Chakri Award

(VOVWORLD) - Le Thanh Liem, a teacher from the Mekong Delta province of Hau Giang has developed his own teaching aids to inspire his students. Liem has received Thailand’s Princess Maha Chakri Award for his contributions to education.

Creative teacher receives Princess Maha Chakri Award - ảnh 1

Le Thanh Liem and his students at Him Lam Boarding School's laboratory. (Photo: VOV)

Le Thanh Liem teaches physics and science at Him Lam Boarding School. His project “Application of microcontroller technology to improve equipment for physics” won him a spot among the top three entries in Hau Giang’s 2020 Young Intellectuals for Education.

“Modern equipment is a must for applying advanced teaching methods. Teachers like me have done lots of research to find appropriate tools to keep up with modern teaching,” Liem. 

Him Lam Boarding School was built in 2011 in a remote area of Hau Giang province. Because the school’s resources were limited and teachers had to use outdated teaching equipment and facilities, Liem spent 9 years applying his technical background to creating tools to help students learn.

Liem has created 10 teaching aids, several of which have won prizes at innovative technology competitions. He is currently developing a club that will connect students and inspire them to study science.

“Liem’s teaching tools using microcontroller technology are now widely used in our school. With these tools, lessons are livelier and more interesting,” said Nguyen Bao Ngoc, a 9th grader at Him Lam Boarding School.

Creative teacher receives Princess Maha Chakri Award - ảnh 2

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Last year, Liem was one of 11 outstanding teachers from Southeast Asia who received a Princess Maha Chakri Award honoring teachers who have made significant contributions to education and human development and deserve international recognition.

Lu Xuan Hoan, the principle of Him Lam Boarding School, said, “Over the years, Him Lam Boarding School has seen some great achievements, many of them attributable to teacher Liem, who is energetic, professional, and a role model for others.”

Le Thanh Liem has been chosen to represent Hau Giang province at the 2020 National Patriotic Emulation Congress.