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Pasadena CA Rally

Pasadena, CA on New Years Day 2021, 5,000 Trump Patriots and 2,000 Cars came out for a Trump parade yet we are supposed to believe the guy with zero support/enthusiasm across the USA won? Hopefully while they were there they all signed that petition against the CA governor whose draconian lockdowns are killing the state. We here in Australia are having the same problem with our politicians locking stuff down again, enough is enough with that stuff. It doesn't work, you can get rid of the virus once and then it just comes back again you cannot lock down forever. Plus now they're saying it's evolved in several new, more infectious, strains meaning that lock downs are even more useless and just end up killing small businesses while forcing more money into the big box store coffers since they're still allowed open...


By: Globalgenocide (1037.82)

Tags: 2021, Rally, CA

Location: Pasadena CA, US of A