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COVID-19 Updates

Last Updated on Sept 25, 2020

1. Wholesale Store is Open & Processing Orders

2. is Staying Open & Processing Orders.

3. Despite the closure of textile mills in PA, we have manufactured on a lot of fabrics and are continuing to make new fabrics for COVID-19 applications. 

4. We have production on new lots of Antimicrobial & Medical fabrics, which are available for Pre-Order from our Wholesale Store.

5. Follow us on Facebook or Check the New In Store section to see which fabrics are now available back in stock. 



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We understand that a lot of you are making face masks, isolation gowns, gloves, antimicrobial wipes and other medical application products for healthcare workers & your loved ones for the fight against COVID-19. We really want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the initiative you have taken to help those in need.

Working Around the Clock

Normally we get 10% (40-50) retail orders that require cutting, picking and packing and 90% wholesale which take less time to process. Over this past 12 weeks we were overwhelmed with over 27,000 retail orders plus we were told to shut down. We cannot hire new staff at this time and had new safety protocols to follow. We have completed more than 26,500 orders and still have 500+ orders pending - as of July 19 - we are working from the first light until 10 pm at night and through weekends - stopping only to grab a bite in the kitchen. Staff and family members have been working overtime and friends have volunteered help when staff have to go home. We care about you and about our healthcare providers who are working at great risk because of lack of essential PPEs.

Discount on ALL Retail Orders

We are back to normal operations, so there will no longer be a 10% discount automatically applied to retail orders. Sales will be available throughout the year, and the best way to stay up-to-date about current promotions is to subscribe to our email newsletter. In addtion to these periodic deals, we are giving FREE gifts to anyone who asks. Just write, "Please add free gift to my order" in the comments section during checkout and you will receive one. Thank you for being a part of the Wazoodle family & stay safe!

We are very grateful that you are choosing to use our fabrics. Initially we thought about adding a coupon code that you have to enter - but in this moment of crisis we didn't feel right asking you to do more work. Instead we decided to add an automatic discount on ALL retail orders to help in this time of need. We have received email and notes on orders from some of you that are requesting to NOT add the discount on the order as you're not using it for COVID-19 applicaitons. However, because we added an automatic coupon to all retail orders, the website is not able to take the discount off. If you would like to pay the full amount, we do appreciate your honesty and integrity and will honor your request. Add a note on the order stating that you're not using our fabrics for COVID-19 applications and we'll get in touch with you. 

No Price Increases in 2020

Due to the closure of mills in PA, we had to move our manufacturing out of state to continue making Antimicrobial & Medical fabrics. As a result, we've had to deal with a lot of price increases on pretty much all our manufacturing processes. To keep supplying fabrics for COVID-19 applications, we are absorbing all the price increases and holding our prices for 2020 - because we know all these fabrics are going into medical applications and helping make a difference.

Substitutions for Out of Stock Products

Due to an overwhelming number of orders, we've been running out of stock on a lot of fabrics. To help you make face masks & protective gowns quickly, we can substitute these with a similar color or fabric to get them out the door ASAP! We will never give you a lower quality product as a substitute. When ordering, you can either select:

1. Yes, OK to Substitute or
2. No, Do NOT Substitute - Refund Item.

If you select the 2nd option, we will ship out your order and refund you for the item that you do not want to substitute.. Sorry, we don't have the time to contact each person individually to ask for substitutions.Time is of the essence.

Changes to Orders

We want to get these out to you ASAP so we will NOT be able to add, modify, combine, cancel or accept returns for any orders once placed. These requests have been delaying us tremendously. Each request takes away from the time we could have processed urgent orders.

United States Postal Service - NOT Recommended. Use UPS or FedEx!

We love the United States Postal Service but currently they are facing many issues, which includes lost packages, 20-day delivery times, no tracking updates etc. If a package is not showing showing any tracking updates or is lost by the United States Postal Service, we are NOT able to do anything at all. We recommend you use UPS instead. If you do select United States Postal Service for shipping, please do so at your own risk of the package being lost with no refunds. 

Check Order Status

Please do not call us or email us to check the order status so we can focus on getting your order out to you ASAP! You will get a shipping notice when it ships. We are working around the clock in the warehouse - so we're unable to respond back to emails or phone calls. You can check your order status by logging in to your account or you can Check Order Status here. Also please check tracking status online or with the shipping agency. We also have to do the same thing, we don't have a separate portal and no control over them. We are grateful they continue to provide us service. This way we can focus on getting your order out to you ASAP!

Shipping Delays

Please note that all the shipping carriers including United States Postal Service, UPS, Purolator, Canada Post & Asendia are experiencing delays in transit times, some more than others.

1. UPS is experencing minor delays due to an overload of package volume that we are shipping through them.
2. United States Postal Service is facing major delays which includes lost packages, 20-day delivery times, no tracking updates. 
3. Purolator & Canada Post are experiencing minor delays in transporting packages to Canada. Packages are being backed up at customs waiting to be processed across the border manually. 
4. Asendia is experiencing major delays. All Internationals shipments via Asendia are routed through New York. There are delays due to staffing and less airline capacity - as some packages are being routed through Ocean to help speed up the shipments. 

Out of Stock Fabrics in Wholesale

We make fabrics in USA using local knitters, weaving mills and finishing houses using yarns made by our US mills. In this time of need we're focusing all our efforts on making Antimicrobial fabrics. We're working on manufacturing more of the Out of Stock fabrics, however there may be a lead time. When possible, we'll add these for Pre-Order on our Wholesale Store, with the lead time - so you can pre-order the fabric. It is highly recommended to Pre-order the fabric instead of waiting as these may be sold out even before they are ready.

Support the Textile Supply Chain

We hope the mills that make them continue to operate. We have been fighting with our government to allow mills to stay open. While everyone else except essential service providers stay at home, we continue to work day and night even though the government does not consider us essential. We are investing our family money and the revenue coming in making more fabrics, we do not have financial backing from banks and government. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates/messages.

Drop us a Message of Appreciation on Our Wall of Love

We love your thank you's and messages of support on the order comments. In fact a lot of times we'll read aloud the comments to everyone and that gives us an energy boost to work harder. You can also leave a on our Wall of Love

Join The Wall of Heroes - Share Your Story with the World!

To the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, men and women who shook the dust off an old sewing machine & learnt how to sew or found a way without sewing to make reusable masks, gloves, gowns, antimicrobial wipes and other PPE's. To ALL the HEROES - who stepped up in this moment of Crisis - We Salute You! If you are making PPE's, we want to Share Your Story with the World for the Wall of Heroes


Protect yourself and stay safe all. Together we will win. We the people. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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